Welcome to the NEWEST and COOLEST iTorah curriculum!

The iTorah curriculum explores fundamental Jewish concepts in a very personal, exciting, and interactive way. Topics such as G‑d, the Torah, Prayer, the Jewish Calendar and the Purpose of Creation are all part of this unique curriculum.

The following is a short description of how the iTorah curriculum works:

Each student will receive their very own "iTorah ipad", the goal being for the students to "download" as many apps as possible. Each unit the students will be studying is represented by one app.

How do students “download” the apps?

At the conclusion of each unit, the students will receive an iTorah fact sheet containing material on the unit they have just studied. The students will study these facts and will be quizzed on them. Any student that passes the quiz with an 80% average will earn an "app" to add to their iTorah cover. All students who earn 11/13 apps will be able to take part in a Grand Game Show at the end of the year, for which the Grand Winner will receive a super cool prize, like an ipod! Prizes will also be awarded to all students that entered the competition but did not win the Grand game.

Being that the goal is for our students to know the material that they have studied, quizzes can be retaken at any time (should they not pass the first time around, or if they are absent on quiz days etc…).

We are thrilled to see our students so excited about this new curriculum. They are very motivated and are working hard to earn their apps. We strongly encourage you to help your child review the fact sheets prior to each quiz, so that they know the material well. For your convenience, the facts sheets can be accessed by clicking on the app you would like, and the fact sheet will automatically “download”.

We thank you in advance for your partnership in helping us educate your child, and sharing with them the beauty and joy of our precious heritage.


Mimi Kaplan
CHS Director