As parents, we worry about the well-being of our teens. How will they successfully forge their future? How can we provide a safety net and guidance while encouraging their independence? How do we impart our values and beliefs, empowering them to make wise decisions as they go through the many challenges of life? Can we build their self-esteem and help them develop a strong inner compass they can trust in challenging situations?

This is why we created the JLI TEENS, a warm, safe and dynamic environment where your teen can explore and discover their own voice, while gaining insight and inspiration from the principles and deep wisdom that has guided our people for millennia.

JLI Teens is a think club meets on Mondays from 7:10-8:15 PM starting October at Chabad to discuss and debate the issues that are highly important to teens.

The cost for the full year of 3 courses is just $360 (or $150 per course) which includes 18 power-sessions accompanied by innovative multimedia. The teens will also receive textbooks, sushi and refreshments.

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2021/22  Dates
Starting October 11.
Full Calendar Coming Soon.


2021/22 Courses:





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