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Don't let Pharaoh ruin your Seder with hard labor! Come to Chabad for the Seder of a lifetime! 

Relive the exodus, discover the eternal relevance Seder traditions and enjoy an inspirational, delicious, traditional yet modern community Seder replete with hand-baked Matzah, award-winning wines and sumptuous 4 course catered dinner. 

Really? Are you thinking of cleaning, shopping, cooking, serving after everyone leaves. 

Passover has so much depth and beauty. Sure, family is a big part of it. But why not give yourself a break and give your family a memory that will leave a lasting imprint on their taste-buds and soul too and... let us save you time, money and frustration. 

So what happens at the Chabad Community Seder?

For one, it's both a traditional and very non-traditional Seder. We start at 6:00 PM and conclude by 9:30 PM. The room is elegantly set with round banquet tables, beautiful linen, cutlery, glassware and table-side waiter service. You may find a few frogs hopping around the table; beware of plagues too.

We begin with food! Not all of it, but the first course is pre-set on the tables. It consists of two types of fish, delectable salads and an assortment of appetizers. We recite the kiddush and walla! you start eating.

While you eat, we sing your favorite Passover melodies, play a holiday game or two and share some insights about the holiday. After the first course, we read a portion of the Haggadah, sing the 'mah nishtanah' and perform the seder rituals. It is NOT long and cumbersome. There is a wonderful flow from start to finish and before you know it we are drinking wine and eating hand-baked shmurah matzah followed by the horseradish Marror.

Then comes the soup and delectable main course with brisket, stuffed chicken and delicious side dishes. Finally, we wrap up our meal with gourmet frozen dessert followed by the Afikomen and bentching.

Filling Elijah's glass is always a highlight. We stand in place as the children open the Synagogue doors while holding the holiday candles to welcome Elijah. A sense of holiness and serenity fills the room as we sing 'Eliyahu Hanavi' together.

A few moments later, we're all piling out the doors with a memory to last a lifetime. 

Chag Sameach!


*Subsidized for residents of our cache area in need of financial assistance. If further assistance is required please contact Rabbi Kaplan directly. 

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