Completing the Circle

Our community is not complete unless we include every man, woman and child and notably our children with special needs.

These children teach us an important lesson through the sheer force of their courage what it means to persevere, achieve and inspire against the odds. And through them we all gain a prime opportunity to realize the mitzvah of tikkun olam. We can make the world better for our special youngsters, their parents and for the teenage volunteers who serve as an older friend to the children.

The Friendship Club enriches all who participate. Children with special needs enjoy regular opportunities to play and socialize. Their parents enjoy the regular respite they need to recharge. And the teenagers become empowered as their moral character grows. The bonds that ensue create an everlasting friendship.

Your support for this wonderful program will help us serve more children with special needs and allow us to develop new programs for The Friendship Club.

Please help us complete the circle with your support