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The Red Carpet Walk

On Monday, Shushan Purim, we turk tuns doing the red carpet walk to show off our great costumes!




Classroom Values

As a class, we have come up with 4 basic classroom values.


P is for Purim

We are becoming familiar with the letter P - for Purim!

Aiden drew a P with chalk. 

 "P!" - Aiden




Sound Makers

It is customary to make a lot of noise, when we hear the name Haman.

This week, we have been focusing on sound. 

We made noise makers with different materials and compared their sounds. 

We noticed, the soft materials didn't make a noise while the harder ones did. 

The black beans in the tall bottle made a little bit of a different sound than the beans in the little jar. Even though they were the same beans!



We had fun jumping in the bubble wrap when we heard the name Haman!



Exploring Purim Theatrically

We are using puppets and acting as a medium for learning the story of Purim. The main characters of the story of Purim are King Achashverosh, Queen Esther, Mordechai and Haman.

(To read more about the Holiday of Purim, please follow this link.)

We each made our own set of Purim puppets and have been putting on shows all week! 


We heard stories about Agent Emes, Rapunzel, cars and even monsters!


We pretended we were in the story of Purim.



We traced our bobdies and decorated them to look like Purim characters. 



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