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Leaving Egypt

We wanted to really reenact the story of lea ving Egypt so first Sammy helped Morah Chaya paint the Red Sea.


Next, we mixed colors to make new ones. We have been using learning our colors in Hebrew!


And then, we took turns painting our feet and leaving Egypt!


Come by the classroom to check it out!


Yeast Vs. No Yeast

During the week, we have been exploring what yeast does in baking. How it can make something Chometz or not.

First we made Matzah with just flour and water. It didn't rise! It turned into a flat cracker-like bread. 



When the Jews were leaving Egypt, they were so excited to leave that they took the dough they were making on their backs and left. The hot desert sun baked it instantly into a flat cracker like bread called Matzah.

We decided to experiment and see if the sun would bake the Matzah that we put outside.


Then, in honor of Shabbat, we made Challah from scratch and noticed that it turned out nice and fluffy because of the yeast. 


Inquisitive Aiden

After looking at everything in the classroom, Aiden decided to examine Amanda with the magnifying glass.

Her eyes became very big!


Cleaning For Pesach

We are busy cleaning our room for Pesach. We're taking out all the Chometz (leavened foods), washing the dishes, washing the table and vacuuming. 



All the Chometz we removed from the classroom.


Making New Friends


Our New Friend Jordan

We would like to welcome Jordan Epstein to our classroom! We are so excited to have her with us!

Jordan writing HI with her pretzels.


"I'm washing my hands!" - Jordan



Exploring the story of Pesach!

 Building Pyramids in Egypt


Playing in the Nile River that turned redIMG_20130307_091856.jpg

Making our Rainbow Haggadah


Baby Matthew

Congratulations to Amanda and her family on the birth of her little brother, Matthew!


Amanda's Baby Achashverosh (Matthew is a little hard to remember :) )



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