The kosher Kiddush is sponsored by minyan attendees who may have a simcha to celebrate, a milestone to mark, or a family member they wish to honor. Our Kiddush affords us a collective opportunity to partake of the most delicious cooking, socialize, relax in the Shabbat spirit and enjoy the warmth and camraderie of our community.   

The following is a schedule of Kiddush sponsorships:

$770 Base Kiddush Sponsor includes basic linens of your color choice, fancy paper goods, drinks, and a standard array of kiddush food at the discretion of the kiddush planners. This fee covers the kiddush for regular shul attendees only and immediate family i.e. children and parents.  

Additional Guests
If you are celebrating a personal simcha or special event at our Shul during a regularly scheduled Shabbat and are having non-regular guests attending, the cost for each guest ascends based on the kiddush level selected (children are at 50% for Level 1 kiddush and 70% for Level 2 & 3 Kiddush.) This fee schedule does NOT include waiters. 

Level 1 - $13.00 PP: Bagels or Challah Rolls, Cream Cheese, Egg, Tuna, Potato & Noodel Kugel, Fresh Salad, Fresh Fruit, Assorted Cookies^

Level 2 - $20.00 PP*: Add Platters of Smoked Fish, Gefilte Fish, and Fresh Salmon**^

Level 3 - $25.00 PP*: Add Meat Dishes e.g. Fresh Pastrami, Stuffed Cabbage, Cholent Stew, Baby Chicken, Chicken Capons**^

One waiter (@ $165) is required for upto 30 guests, a 2nd waiter at 75 guests and a 3rd at 150 guests.  

Click here to coplete the Kiddush order form. 


* Minimum of 30 adult guests for this pricing structure. For 29 guests or less add 25% to PP cost.
** The menu is subject to change and substitution. These foods are listed to give a general idea of the type of food only.
^ Celebratory cake is not included.