The kosher Kiddush is sponsored by minyan attendees who may have a simcha to celebrate, a milestone to mark, or a family member they wish to honor. Our Kiddush affords us a collective opportunity to partake of the most delicious cooking, socialize, relax in the Shabbat spirit and enjoy the warmth and camraderie of our community.  

The following is a schedule of Kiddush sponsorships:

$540 Base Kiddush Sponsor includes linens, fancy paper goods, drinks, and a standard array of kiddush food at the discretion of the kiddush planners.  This fee covers the kiddush for regular shul attendees only and up to 5 guests. 

Additional Guests
If you are celebrating a personal simcha or special event at our Shul during a regulary scheduled Shabbat and are having non-regulars attending, the cost for guest number 6+ ascends based on the kiddush level selected.  This fee schedule does NOT include waiters. 

$12.50 PP: Bagels, Egg, Tuna, Kugel, Fresh Salad, Cookies, Fruit

$16.00 PP*: Add Platters of Smoked Fish, Gefilte Fish, and Fresh Salmon**

$18.50 PP*: Add Meat Dishes e.g. Fresh Pastrami, Stuffed Cabbage, Cholent Stew, Baby Chicken, Shwarma, Chicken Capons**

One waiter is required for the first 40 guests and an additional waiter for each 50 guests thereafter. 

* Minimum of 30 total guests for this pricing structure. 
** The menu is subject to change and substitution. These foods are listed to give a general idea of the type of food only.