Professional sports coaches direct the CGI sports program. The coaches are professional physical education instructors who teach with patience, guidance and encouragement.  The campers receive training in over 10 different sports including soccer, basketball, hockey and tennis.  Individual and group training will allow each camper to end the summer a better athlete. Our focus on good sportsmanship and self confidence makes everyone a winner!

Professional Instruction
Campers recieve professional instruction in Fitness, Gymnastics, Sports, Art, Dance, Drama, Magic, Archery, Photography and other creative interests.

Lights, Camera, Action 
Our Drama department is headed by a professional drama instructor.  She and her staff guide the children through character simulation, movement and expression.  The summer ends with a camp production in which all the children participate.  The camp also provides other platforms for the natural expression of comedic and acting talent through a talent show and skits performed by the campers.  

Swimming Instruction
Swimming training and technique improvement are under the guidance of Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. Our goal is to utilize the swimming time at camp to improve the campers’ swimming skills and motivate them for greater aquatic ability. Rest assured that safety is priority #1.

CGI on the Go Field Trips
Gan Israel holds weekly "trip days" during which campers are exposed to a variety of activities and and settings to allow for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors and physical exercise.  Examples of weekly trips are:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Cave Exploration
  • Tomahawk Lake
  • Superdome Sports
  • Boating
  • Water Park 
  • Six Flags Great Adventures
  • Roller and Ice Skating
  • Jewish Children's Museum 

All trips are supervised by camp personnel. 

Great Activities!
Other activities include Science exploration with Mad Science, Musical conerts with acclaimed children's singer/entertainer Bobby DooWah, Talent Show, Auction Day, Water Activities, Baking and much more!

Arts & Crafts & Ceramics
Camp Gan Israel’s innovative arts and crafts teach the children to be creative and imaginative. The crafts incorporate various themes in Jewish life as well as fun and useful projects. Campers are sure to proudly look back at the craft of their own hands well after the summer is over.

A Jewish Theme
One session a day is devoted to a Jewish Theme. At each session the children share in a "kids size" and age appropriate morning teffilah and some of the activities below: 

  • Story Telling
  • Challah Baking
  • Hebrew Songs
  • Jewish Art Projects
  • Kibbutz Day
  • Jewish Mock Wedding
  • Maccabee Games