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All Girls Pre and Post Bat Mitzvah ages 11-13

Girls: Is your Bat Mitzvah coming up? Are you all caught up with the theme, the clothing and the party favors but clueless about the meaning? Do you think a Bat Mitzvah ends or begins with your party? Did you already celebrate your Bat Mitzvah and are wondering "what now?"

Then this is the club for you!!

Moms: Your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is approaching and the celebration of a Bat Mitzvah is one of the highlights and great milestone in the life of a Jewish woman.

We must remember that the most important aspect is not the party but rather the impact and long term effects this experience will have on your daughter’s identity as a Jew. We have to make sure that the Bat Mitzvah is not viewed as a graduation from Judaism, but rather the bright beginning of a vibrant Jewish life.

It is for this reason that we have formed the Bat Mitzvah Club. The club has been tremendously successful all around the country including various locations in New Jersey.

BMC: The club meets 8 times during the year including a Shabbaton and is designed to teach girls ages 11-13 about so many relevant issues facing young Jewish women today-including:

Club meetings take place on Thursday evenings 6:00 - 7:45 PM

  • Become familiar with great Jewish women of the past 
  • How to be a confident proud Jew in today’s world
  • Jewish continuity

All of the club meetings are designed in a fun, informative and interactive way. The girls have an opportunity to meet other Jewish girls the same age and through art, community outreach and thought provoking discussions, they can learn, discuss and debate, all while having loads of fun!

All girls ages 11-13 are welcome and encouraged to join-regardless of any additional Bat Mitzvah planning you are doing.

For more information call Mimi at 201-848-0449 
or email [email protected]

BMC Meeting Dates:

November 29 - Bat Mitzvah Club begins; girls will receive their BMC journals and folders

December 13  

January 3

January 31

March 8-9 / Shabbatton Sleepover

April 18

May 9

June 6