The mission of Chabad NWBC is to create a joyous, warm and accepting community for every Jew to experience the beauty, dignity and depth of Judaism through innovative religious, educational and social activities. 

Our mission encompasses the material wellbeing of everyone in our community to whom we extend ourselves with compassion and generosity, no task being too great and no person too small to matter. 

Participation in Jewish life has no prerequisites. A Jewish community should be free of barriers relating to one’s background, affiliation or financial ability.

Furthermore, our mission extends beyond the walls of our center to every Jewish resident, business-person and passerby in our community and the community at large.

All the above, in line with Torah and Halacha, in the spirit of Chabad philosophy and in accordance with the Lubavitcher Rebbe's mandate to increase acts of goodness and kindness, bringing us closer to an era of universal peace and perfection forevermore.